Basic marketing

Marketing involves a lot of work, courting traditional media and constantly reaching out in order to get attention. However, there are certain basic things that have an effect on sales that everyone can learn. They do not require a huge effort or considerable financial resources. I can both set up or manage these services for you, and help you learn the skills yourself.

Use of publication aggregators.

Correct use of advertisement functionality built into the publishing platforms.

Advertising on social media.

Creating a blog for yourself and your writing.

A few useful tools and websites.

Even if you do all these things, you have no guarantee of success. But I think you are better off than if you did not do them. In fact, today it is often taken for granted that you know about these things and have such skills. The cost involved is not high, but you must be willing to learn something. If you are already very savvy online, I can recommend a few affordable marketing agencies.