About me

My name is M.H. Wynn, and I was born in 1973.

My story

M.H. Wynn

In the nineties I studied English literature at my local university, and that became the subject of my thesis. In addition, I have studied linguistics (semantics and syntax), the history of science, history and the history of cinema.

I did not feel comfortable as a teacher, there were too many people running about, so began a career online. First, I started a small literary search engine with the assistance of an Indian programmer. I then entered into academic translations, and was an academic translator for over a decade, working behind the scenes on articles and PhDs.

I also ran a small net radio dedicated to my old subjects from university, literature and history. I still edit this station, historyradio.org.

Gradually, I have gained the experience to venture into literary translation and text publication, a very competitive business, closing the circle – returning to my original interests. And now I am familiar with most of the publication and marketing platforms available for those who want to self publish. But my best argument is that I am affordable.



University education, focusing on literature, linguistics and the history of science.


A short, but very educational career as a high school teacher in English and history.


Engaging in various online work, applying a wide range of tools.


Working as an academic translator, helping academics get published in journals and reviews, also editing PhDs.


Editing a net radio station dedicated to literature and history, promoting knowledge of classics online.


Starting this business.

Some books I have worked on

My first book, an anthology
My first literary translation
Proofreading and publishing a novel for an African student

The graphic artist for the anthology and the African fantasy novel is George Snow, a British cover designer.
If he is not available, there are others.