Language services

Here are some of the language services that I can offer. Even if I perform these tasks fairly well, nobody is perfect. The more eyes that look at a text before publication, the better. But they must not be too many to keep it private. Your helpers must also know what they are talking about, have sound judgement and not overwhelm you with negativity - in stead of building on your qualities.

Basic service


Some editors unfortunately see mistakes in orthography and punctuation as personal insults, so checking and double checking are essential. However, there is a limit to what one person can do. I have learnt to be meticulous as an academic translator. After all, scientific articles and dissertations are rigid rituals, sometimes more rites of passage than original contributions. Even so, this is the part of the job that is both the least interesting and the least difficult to perform

More comprehensive


The saying goes that “those who cannot do, must teach”. There is some truth to that. Any skilled author going through my own writing or even academic attempts will find mistakes and errors. I can guarantee it. However, finding flaws in others is much easier than finding your own. In fact, this is the chief argument I make for hiring my services.

I can go through your text, make comments on structure and composition with a fresh pair of eyes,

Original text production

Drama and fiction
From academia to fiction

Translations to and from Norwegian

I have lived in Norway for most of my life, and I have translated a couple of stories from English to Norwegian. But there is no point in linking to these in an English website. However, here is the audio of a sad story, a crime story and a ghost story that I have translated to English from Norwegian.

"Karen's Christmas" by Amalie Skram
"Where?" by Stein Riverton
"The Woman from Fes" by Rigmor Solem
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